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INCOMING ORIENTATION. The B.Sc. Course in Computer Science takes part in activities organized by the School of Mathematical, Physics and Natural Science, with the objective of meeting secondary school students.


Further activities include targeted events where teachers visit secondary schools to present the B.Sc. Course in Computer Science to potential future students.

Interested schools should contact the delegate for 1-st year student orientation Prof. M. Cecilia Verri .

Please visit the F.A.Q. (in Italian) for further information.


ORIENTATION IN ITINERE. The B.Sc. Course in Computer Science offers a tutoring service for first-year students. More information is available on the related web page.


OUTBOUND ORIENTATION. Focused activities are carried out in collaboration with the job placement service (OJP) of the University of Florence which promotes, supports, harmonizes and enhances post-graduation services for students.

To make students aware of the reference scenario in the corporate sector, the delegates put in contact the graduates, under their consent, with institutions and companies looking for new staff.

Delegates to the post-graduate orientation: Prof. Lorenzo Bettini, Prof. Paolo Lollini.




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