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Course presentation

The B.Sc. Course in Computer Science at the University of Florence is held in Italian.



First year. The first year of the B.Sc. Course in Computer Science has two main purposes: i) teach basic scientific and mathematical notions, ii) provide basic computer knowledge on algorithms, programming and computer architectures. Therefore, teachings of the first year are related to the following disciplines:

  • Techniques and Tools for Programming 40%
  • Mathematics 35%
  • Computer Architecture 20%
  • English 5%


Second year. The second year completes the necessary mathematical knowledge and provides fundamental physics knowledge. It also provides IT skills in the areas of operating systems, databases, programming methodologies and concurrent programming. Therefore, teachings of the first year are related to the following disciplines:

  • Advanced Processing Techniques and Tools 55%
  • Mathematics 30%
  • Physics 15%


Third year. The third year completes computer training by studying the theoretical foundations of computer science, systems modeling and network programming. Students have the possibility to select additional courses, and to enroll in internships in companies.



The B.Sc. Course in Computer Science provides a solid basic education in the field of Computer Sciences, that allows graduated students to perform professional activities that require familiarity with the technologies and techniques for digital systems, the scientific method, and the ability to apply innovative methods.

The B.Sc. Course in Computer Science provides the theoretical, methodological, experimental and practical skills in all fundamental areas of computer science, also required by many IT companies.

Typical professional figures are:

  • Software and system architect
  • Software developer
  • Networks administrator

 The B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science allows direct access to the Master Degree in Computer Science (Class LM-18) at the University of Florence. In addition, it allows registration (upon passing the relevant examination) to the Albo degli Ingegneri dell'Informazione.



To be admitted to the B.Sc. Course in Computer Science, you must hold an Italian secondary school diploma or equivalent qualification. Mathematical knowledge and logical-analytical skills generally provided by secondary school training courses are sufficient for admission. Most in detail, basic knowledge necessary to access the course are: foundations of algebra, including the second degree equations and inequalities, Euclidean geometry, analytical geometry and trigonometry, exponential and logarithmic functions.

The knowledge of the students will be assessed through a test. This test aims to identify gaps of regarding the basic mathematical knowledge needed. Rules for the test are reported here.




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